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So why did I become a wedding photographer? Having been immersed in the bridal industry for over seven years now as a bridal makeup artist and hairstylist, nearly three years ago I fell in love with wedding photography. There were so many times when I was packing up my kit after having done my bride’s makeup and hair and all I wanted to do was jump behind my lens to capture just how beautiful she looked. I always develop such a bond with my bride and all I truly wanted to do was spend the day with her and her groom, capturing the love surrounding her day and all the emotion, laughter and beauty I knew her wedding would have. My passion for wedding photography started in 2009 from my own destination wedding in Greece. As a creative I know exactly what I want to capture and just how to do it. I was so strongly branded and successful as a makeup artist and hair stylist that I just let that passion fall to the side.

I discovered Jasmine Star in 2010 through her blog and You tube videos and since then I feel like I have been running beside her on her passionate journey growing her wedding photography business. My husband, Ben and I were blessed to do a wedding photo shoot two years ago with Jasmine and her darling husband JD. One thing that really stood out to me was, ok yes, she took gorgeous pictures, and she knew exactly what she wanted to capture, but wedding photography is SO much more than that. I realized what made Jasmine and JD different is that you INSTANTLY want to be friends with them, drop everything and go out and have a few glasses of wine with them. Jasmine has taught me that wedding photography is about loving the people you work with, choosing the type of client’s you want to work with and being flexible in your business to make them ultimately happy.

Image Credit: Jasmine Star

I adore my client’s and my goal is to make them fall in love with their images. On their wedding day, I truly put my heart and soul into capturing what’s incredibly important to them and using my skills and creativity to tell their wedding story in the most beautiful way possible.

I feel so blessed to have been part of Jasmine Star’s Photography Workshop last week. Check out her blog about the workshop. I have attended several photography workshops but Jasmine speaks from her heart. She is truly an inspiration to photographer’s and her workshop focused on branding and finding your photographic voice. She is real, sincere and relatable and the word I love to use for her is RAW!

I am thankful for meeting eighteen fantastic and talented photographers who are just as passionate as I am and Jasmine and JD for hosting an awesome, and inspiring workshop!

To running the race together…

Love, Nicoletta

Jasmine Star – Host
Beauty by Melina – Hair + Make-Up
Sweet Marie Designs – Floral
Bonny Bridal – Dress
Brides and Hairpins – Veil
Ashley Paige + Kaya – Models (husband and wife)

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  1. Annie Roy Imagine says:

    Wow I really like your style!!!

  2. Susana Cristina Lopes says:

    so pretty!!!

  3. April Robert says:

    How exciting your business started with an international wedding! Thank you for sharing your one major idea that you took away from the workshop. So does this mean after an engagement shoot you will ask the couple to go out afterwards? What kind of ideas are you going to implement?

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