Hi Beautiful Brides,

We are heading deep into the bridal season for makeup artists and hair stylists and there is definitely a glorious feeling of summer in the air and I’m also super busy!! I have been having so many bridal makeup and hair trials over the past few weeks and a lot of my brides are requesting such exquisite looks. I feel so privileged to be doing what I love and I am so passionate about you as a bride, your wedding and all that it means to you! No matter what happens, your day is going to be perfect, even better than you will expect. I am so excited that I get to be apart of it all!

I recently did a Crystal white and silver bridal shoot in Downtown Los Angeles with Emma Wyatt Photography. I think the bride and groom looked absolutely stunning!

Stay beautiful inside and out…

^ Nicoletta.

Nicoletta Daskalakis is one of the top high profile makeup artists & hair stylists in the Los Angeles area. She is a certified makeup artist and hair stylist for bridal & wedding, fashion and editorial. Whether you are interested in wedding makeup services, bridal makeup or bridal hairstyling or even just interested in celebrity makeup, celebrity hairstyles or bridal hairstyles and trends you have come to the right place to find out more!


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