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Meet Nicoletta (Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist, Beauty Blogger and Entrepreneur)

My wedding day was the most memorable day of my life so far! I married the man of my dreams and had all the people I love around me. I became a makeup artist & hair stylist because I wanted to pursue what I truly love. I am also Greek/South African.

I am an experienced Makeup Artist and Hair Design professional. I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and I was trained at a beauty school directly out of Hollywood. I have had the opportunity of learning from some of the most accomplished makeup artists and hair stylists in the world. I have worked on literally hundreds of women with different skin types, tones and hair needs. My experience is multidimensional. My clients have been Indian, African American, Asian, Caucasian, Latino, European and Middle Eastern. I understand the nuances of makeup and hair styling. As a business I try to always be flexible and accommodating; my clients always come first. My goal is to achieve the look they love. I love makeup that is both glamorous and natural. My hair styling is focused on achieving soft, organic and romantic hair looks that are current and transcendent.I also feel so privileged to have the most incredible makeup and hair team who work along side me and who are truly gifted.

If you are one of my clients or just generally interested in hair and makeup, my goal is that you find some fun tips and ideas while surfing through my website. It has always been my goal to make my clients feel confident and gorgeous!
Enjoy life and stay beautiful!

^ Nicoletta.

Meet Alyssa (Beauty Blogger, Nail Salon Owner and Sister to Nicoletta)

I am a beauty fanatic, I obsess over everything to do with beauty products and I am the sister of the talented Los Angeles make up artist Nicoletta Daskalakis. I have spent most of my professional career working in corporate public relations in London but I recently made a huge change and moved to the Spanish canary islands to open up a beauty boutique, specializing in nails and spend time with my soon to be husband. I love to write and have been for years so this is a real passion of mine to combine beauty with my writing. I would love to share with you my tips and opinions on products I think are great, and more importantly products I think are actually working!!! Please know that my views are my own, my opinions are strong but I am not a qualified make up artist and you may not at all times agree with my train of thought but I am here to help and will always give an honest outlook.

I have always loved to write and the huge pile of fashion magazines I trawl through monthly are testament to my love of anything to do with beauty, glamour and fashion. I love every magazine from Glamour, to Cosmo to Shape to Fitness – I am always hungry for any new information and products I can get my hands on and I am no beauty snob – I will try anything!! I am extremely fortunate to be sister to a fantastic make up artist who not only keeps me up to date with new trends but who also sends me fabulour products to test and try out. You may see me mention my upcoming wedding in August and I will be incorporating some new regimes into my life as well as new products that I will share with you which will help me feel fabulous on my wedding day on August 2, 2013!

^ Alyssa.

Meet Smriti (Nutritian Consultant, Yoga Practitioner and Health & Beauty Blogger)

Smriti Kirubanandan has completed her Bachelor of Technology Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She has a Master of Science in Engineering Management (USC) and Marketing(UCLA) and is also an AFPA certified Nutrition consultant. Smriti has been a raw vegan eater for more than six years, and she is also a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioner and long distance runner. She believes in eating food closest to it’s natural state; eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds have the highest nutritional value packed with essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants. Being extremely passionate about raw food and experiencing it’s benefits, she has done several workshops in India and Los Angeles to raise awareness and remind people that a right diet is the ultimate healer. She also takes up personal consultations for cleanse plans, meal planning, fitness advice, before wedding slim down and more. Smriti is incredibly passionate about the health and beauty industry and hopes her insights can help those make a life change! Contact:

^ Smriti.

Meet Hollie (Beauty Blogger, Makeup Artist and Lipstick Junkie)

Makeup has been my passion since I was a young girl. When I first saw my mother apply her makeup, I was instantly intrigued. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by all things beauty! My favorite thing about makeup is that new trends are constantly emerging, yet classics never go out of style. I am a firm believer in taking beauty risks and trying varieties of products, whether they are drugstore or high-end. My makeup collection is quite extensive and yes, I am a lipstick hoarder! I also enjoy creating looks and learning new techniques. I want to take you as my readers on my makeup discovery journey with me, and hope you enjoy the ride! My biggest inspiration in makeup artistry is Kevyn Aucoin. After reading his book Making faces, I became intrigued with this incredible industry that continues to evolve. Kevyn’s ability to describe makeup application with ease motivated me to practice my own skills. “Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart.” -Kevyn Aucion

^ Hollie.